Update: Procurement Activity

On July 11, CWDS held a quarterly forum for stakeholders where state and county executives provided an update on the project’s progress.  Below is a chart from the slide deck highlighting past and future procurement activity starting from June, 2016. A number of contracts have been awarded this year, with more procurements scheduled.  See the vendor section of our website for more details.

Digital Services

Child Welfare Digital Services
The Intake digital service will provide county Child Welfare Agencies an easy to navigate and efficient way to record and access information regarding child abuse, neglect, exploitation allegations, investigative findings and outcomes.
The Certification, Approval and Licensing Services (CALS) digital service will provide state and county licensing and approval staff and managers with a simple and efficient tool for facility licensing, certifying and resource family home approval.
The Case Management digital service will provide county Child Welfare Agencies a comprehensive, automated case management system that fully supports the child welfare practices and incorporates the functional requirements mandated by federal regulations.
The Resource Management digital service will provide caseworkers a single, integrated database to search for goods or services that have been purchased or contracted out so clients can receive proper assistance in the most efficient and effective manner.
The Court Processing digital service will enable CWDS to exchange data with court systems.
The Eligibility digital service will provide an automated solution to determine Title IV-E eligibility.
The Financial Management digital services will provide an automated solution necessary to ensure accurate and timely financial record and transaction authorization, processing and reconciliation.
The Administration digital service addresses the overall business organizational structure, staff management, and supporting tools, including forms and reports.   This service manages state and county staff work and outcome measures that support California’s Child Welfare program.  Counties administer their own users and roles via a super-user capability.

Status Update on Intake Digital Service

This week, CWDS executives are briefing county stakeholders on the project’s Intake Digital Service, one (out of five) service that is currently the most advanced in development.  Intake is the beginning of the process where a case worker would decide how to respond to information provided through a hotline caller, such as an allegation of child abuse.  In designing the new system, product owners and developers are working with county users to create the most effective interface to streamline workflow.   To date, project staff have conducted more than 300 interviews with county users to help iterate and refine versions.  The graphic below gives an update on the development of the new Intake Digital Service.

Image: Slide 19 from the CWDS Legislative Quarterly Report. Click above to open the March 29, 2017 PPT presentation.